Day 360

No sleep for me! Went to bed late, and woke up at 11. Had to rush out the door ASAP basically. I woke up at 11, but didn’t get out of bed until just before 12. Tried to make the 12.18 bus, failed. Instead got a 12.38 bus the other way and still managed to JUST make it, sort of.

I met Vrindy at Metrotown and we went and saw Your Highness. Really, it wasn’t that great. I was pretty bored, it was just … raw? If that’s the word. I had no idea what it was even about before seeing it… normally that makes me like movies more, but this I just really wasn’t that fussed over.

After that we rushed out and went to Future Shop cause Vrindy was returning some headphones, then we basically ran for the Skytrain… She went a weird way, so I was so lost as to where we were! We ran up HEAPS of stairs to get to the train instead of going the normal way I go for escalators! This was some back way… I was lost.  LOL.

As we were about to get onto the Skytrain, Mark was getting off the Skytrain! So we spoke to him for a bit before the train left lol. He’s a funny one.

Anyways, we made it downtown in time for the second movie of the day, Arthur. I liked this one much more. It was good. Also way better just because we’d just seen crappy Your Highness lol. So yeah.

After the movie Vrindy had to rush over across the road to do one of the many group things she does! Haha. So I decided to just head home because it was so damn cold out today. Horrible weather! I stopped by Tim Hortons to use the rest of my gift card, didn’t have enough for hot chocolate though – damn! – so instead I just got a muffin, om nom nom. I walked around the little mall thing there because I’ve never been there before even though I walk by it twice a day! It wasn’t very exciting either.

Then I went and got on the Skytrain, when I got to 22nd St I’d only just missed the bus by a couple of minutes. I stood there for awhile before deciding it was too damn cold, so I went and jumped back on the Skytrain to ride it for a few stops before heading back just to stay on for warmth. Lucky I didn’t go further than I did (which was just to Metrotown and back, 2 stops.) Because when I got back to 22nd the bus was there ready to leave LOL.

Got home, and thats that. I watched Scream 1 as well. Have to watch the next two before I go see Scream 4!! Epic.

Anyways. It’s not even 12 yet, I’m super tired. Going to try heading to bed now so I can hopefully get up tomorrow early enough to go down to Walmart & the fruit & veggie store at Lougheed, come bcak & drop stuff off, then rush to New West to meet Sarah to go see Mr Young!! Eventful! I highly doubt I’ll have enough time to buy food. AH D: We’ll see. Night!

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