Day 361

I woke up today at 11am, without any alarm! Ahh the benefits of going to sleep early!

I got ready and headed out to Lougheed. Haven’t been there in ages so I went for a bit of a wander around. Went to Walmart to get some groceries, but it really wasn’t as cheap as I’d hoped. Superstore is definitely cheaper. So I just got a few things and left. On my way to the fruit & veggie store I passed DC! DC is a guy I work with at the theatre occasionally with. He’s 43, so the theatre is just a few days here and there for work, and he works at Walmart a couple of other days a week. He’s cool, so I stopped and talked to him for a few minutes, he had to get to work though.

I somehow managed to spend almost $15 in the fruit & veggie store, which is surprising because normally I don’t spend more than $10 there lol. Perhaps it’s the mangoes I just HAD to buy đŸ˜›

Anywhoo, I rushed for the 1.08pm bus then, I knew I wasn’t going to make it back to the bus stop in time, so instead I walked to the first stop it makes down the hill, I had to walk very fast, and JUST made it thankfully!

I got home, unloaded my groceries, and basically headed straight out again! I went to the bank, noticed a big of an issue with my pay I think… Then I went to WIND and got data added back to my phone, YAY :D. I spoke to Christie for a few minutes before lots of customers came in so then I left. Met Sarah at the bus stop and off we went to Mr Young!!

When we got to the stop for Mr Young, we went to Market Crossing as usual and went to Tim Hortons. Got a hot chocolate, a muffin, AND a box of timbits for less than $5. I’m going to miss Tim Hortons! D:

Went over to the Mr Young set, checked in, then waited around before getting loaded in again. Tonight was the final episode for season 1! And the final live taping show for Mr Young we’ll probably ever see! D: So it was sad! Haha! Good fun though, fully packed guest thing too, crazy!

Had the BEST vegetarian pizza ever tonight too. It was so good, I don’t even know! Haha! Just the best veggie pizza I think I’ve ever had. I want to find out the pizza place so I can get more!

Met the cast again tonight too after the show. Also spoke to some of the guys who work there with guest relations stuff that we normally see and speak to when we’re there. Zoltan told us we need to get all our Aussie friends into Mr Young! LOL. I told him he should get the lady from YTV who was there tonight to set Australia up with the show! He said he will, so we’ll see haha.

Waited at the bus stop for ages after the show, turns out the bus had stopped running at 10.05, so we were a bit stranded. Luckily some other people came along too just as Mum had found us another bus stop location. I didn’t know where it was, but luckily these other people did, so we all walked to it.

Then we came home, and that’s that. A very eventful day I think. So much transit haha, I’m very tired now. I just had a bit of a Degrassi catch up, watched the last two episodes. Oh! I also spoke to Jen and there’s some carnivals I can probably do in May before I go! YAY! Anyways, might sleep now. Night!

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