Day 362


I slept in nicely today, it was great 🙂

I finished part a of my assignment, and then just chilled really. Oh, I think I tried to watch last weeks episode of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager but it wasn’t working properly, so I only got half way…

Then I got ready for work, left for work, and yeah. It was hailing like madness this morning, but was perfect sky & sunny out this afternoon! I was 45minutes early for work, so I was standing around talking to Vrindy while she worked.

Work wasn’t too bad, had a bit of a hiccup at the start, but all was good overall. It was Vrindys last shift too! She went home sick an hour earlier than her shift was supposed to be. She’s calling in sick tomorrow too so no more cinemas for Vrindy! D:

Anyways! it’s 1.50am, I have to be up at 8-8.30, bus at 9.30, start at 11. 😦 This sucks! Training in Burger King too.. Wonder if I can just sleep there instead haha. Anywhooo… Bed time for me! Night!

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