Day 363


So today sucked. I woke up at 8, was out the door at 9.20, bus at 9.30. Got to work around 10.30. It’s so annoying I can’t be late for work, but that means I have to be half an hour early! D: So I sat around.. waiting… it sucked! IT WAS TOO EARLY!! D:

Started at 11. Too damn early to be at work. Especially after closing! It sucked. Danny was training me in Burger King, but he was also doing oil change beforehand and spilled oil while changing, soo he couldn’t really show me how to open or train me for a few hours while he had to sort that out. So that sucked. I knew nothing about Burger King so it failed.

Burger King would be pretty simple, IF YOU KNEW WHAT WENT ON THE BURGERS! Danny looked at me and was like “….well what do you normally have on your whopper…?” He was so surprised when I said I was vegetarian. One of my managers had to come in to cover Danny’s break and said the same thing when he learned I was vegetarian. Both shocked haha. I fail in Burger King! Don’t know how Vrindy did it! LOL.

Anyways.. after a long tedious day, I finished at about 5.20, then I headed over to Metrotown to do some shopping! Somehow I managed to spend almost $50 at the Superstore! Go figure! I think I got so excited that I could afford food that I bought TOO MUCH food! But I’m happy now, I have selections! 😀

I then hauled everything home on the bus. I made super yummy epic nachos for dinner! Then I laid down to watch Scream 1 AND 2! While eating like a whole box of Ritz almost… AND some baby carrots. Damn hand to mouth boredom thing.

Anyways, I’m buggered now. Was going to go see Scream 4 tomorrow before work but the times don’t fit with the time I start work. I don’t like 5.45pm starts, why can’t it be 6, or 5 even! A normal time when the movies get out at! Ah well. Anywhooo! Off to sleep now, night!

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