Day 364

Oh my.. Tomorrow is exactly a year since I left Australia. Although I’ve been HERE a year the day after that… Crazy! I can’t believe it.. AND SOME OF YOU DIDN’T EVEN THINK I’D LAST 3 MONTHS! HAH! I showed you all šŸ˜‰

Anyways! Again I couldn’t sleep in today, tried. Failed. I was going to go to Lougheed and go to Safeway and what not, but I was having too much fun lying in bed doing nothing, that was my “sleep in”. I finally finished watching the episode of The Secret Life that I missed last week.

I made nachos again for lunch, and a banana smoothie while getting ready for work, and off I went!

Work was slow. Very slow. Such a slow night, it was crazy. SO BORED! We were trying to solve a riddle Erin asked us, that was a lot of thinking lol. Wasn’t really much else to do..

We got out of work at about 11.08pm, which is like really good for a close! Normally it would be closer to 11.20-11.30! The new bus schedule started tonight too, after 8pm the bus only comes every hour instead of every half hour, so 11.45 or 12.45.. Basically I ran out of work, and walked soo very fast to the station. Not much I could do for getting there faster on the Skytrain. When I got to 22nd I ran down the stairs, JUST making the bus! Thank god! I would have been VERY pissed off if I’d had to wait a whole friggen hour…

I just watched tonights episode of Gossip Girl, should watch tonights episode of the Secret Life too but I’m too tired. Going to go to bed and HOPEFULLY get to Lougheed tomorrow for the last of my groceries!!

Haha just Skyped with Angie, but the quality died & cut out.. I guess that’s a sign to go to bed. Night!

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