Day 365


Even though, technically, it isn’t.. Cause it’s only the 19th here, and the 20th there.. so that failed. But still! The blog was a “365” and I made it to 365. Every night, for 365 nights. Kind of surreal, I remember posting the very first post from the hostel. I remember most posts, and the one or two nights in the whole 365 where I put my laptop away and went to go to bed then remembered “oh shit, blog!!”

But really, I think I did alright 😉 But now I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do now that I reached 365… Should I just keep going?? Or should I skip a few days and just post here and there? I’m so confused now! D:

Anyways! Today felt like two days, I got up early enough that I could go to Lougheed, so I did. I went to Walmart first and bought some pineapple bits & like 5 more boxes of the oats & honey bars. I’m so addicted to them it’s scary. I think I have 11+ boxes in my room right now.. I can see 6 on my desk, and at least 5 piled on my trash bag pile..

After Walmart I went to Safeway and got milk, eggs and yogurt! Dairy spree? Haha. Haven’t caught the bus from Lougheed in ages, it was a bit weird feeling. 22nd has become my new station of choice 😉 After my shopping I came home and made myself mini pizzas for lunch, whilst making a salad for dinner & for tomorrow.

Went to work tonight too. Unfortunately the bus was half an hour late, and we sat in lots of traffic. So I was about 20 minutes late for work.. Sucky. I wasn’t pleased. Really not happy with Translink at the moment, can’t wait to drive again..

Work wasn’t too busy, there was a hockey game on tonight so normally when that happens it’s less busy at work haha. Even if it is cheap Tuesday. And for the hockey game, the Canucks lost 7-2 I think I heard it was… people were sad. Sucks to be them! Haha. Other people who work there were moping around sad about it. Pretty funny. You really have to see the hockey spirit here to understand, I mean, the buses even say “Go Canucks Go” where the bus number/destination normally goes on top, it flashes between the two. And drivers and workers everywhere are wearing jerseys. It’s madness!

Back to the day… Oh! Yesterday a man buying food had heaps of game tokens for our arcade games, he was going into his movie & didn’t need any of the coins anymore (4 tokens are $1 worth) and he just handed us a whole handful of tokens because he didn’t need them anymore. Keith kept them all, I took one for my coin collection though 🙂 And so tonight after work Keith and I played the car racing game. I failed terribly. I kept trying to push in the non existent clutch which ended up being the brake, so really I got no where. Driving back in Aus is going to be interesting 😉 HAHA.

Playing the games at work bought me some time, seeing as I had to wait until 12.45 for the bus home. I still had to wait 20 minutes though in the cold, but it’s not as bad as 40minutes to an hour wait..

Anyways! That’s the day really. I just watched the new Hellcats episode, going to watch the new Glee episode tomorrow, too tired tonight.

I feel like I should be doing a recap of the year but technically it HASN’T been a year yet! Just 365 days 😉 Tomorrow I guess! Haha. Which means that the blog becomes more than a 365… AHH. I’m still confused.

Angie just Skyped me again, but I’m too tired so it was only a quick chat 😛 Sorry Angie lol. Night guys!

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