Day 366

And so it continues….!

Again I was up early, I’m starting to think this is just because Vrindy started her new job and she gets up at 7am, and starts texting me around 9… So I’m going to blame her for my being up early lately..

I didn’t do much before work, but I headed out at around 3.30. Ashley ended up on the same Skytrain as me and we headed for work together.

It’s 4/20 today, aka 420… Basically downtown turns into one giant bubble of smoke as everyone ‘legally’ celebrates weed and what not.. I wanted to walk by and check it out on my way to work, so we did. There was SO many people. And you could just see all the smoke above the crowd. I took some pictures, but they’re not really very good, I’m too short too. But I got some video as well, you can hear people coughing and the crowds cheering and you can see the smoke..


Anyways, we only walked by, then went to work. I was training again today in Burger King, so yeah. I have a major headache now though, I got one too the other day, maybe when I was in Burger King as well. I don’t really like working there, it’s gross, especially being vegetarian. It’s also SO much hotter there than Outtakes.

Anywhooo! Back to the whole being here for a year thing, I don’t really know what to say. I covered a lot / recapped over New Years, so now I’m kind of stumped lol. Didn’t really do much between then and now haha. But basically in the past year I think I had to grow up a lot, but at the same time that’s not true haha. But I pay my own bills, I pay rent, I do my own shopping, all that stuff. I’m independent 😉 I had to learn how to do everything on my own, so that was alright.

I’ve also gotten to do so many things that I’ve always wanted to do. Even the simplest things. Traveling around the US was definitely one of the biggest highlights. As was working the carnival. I think I’ve learned so much, about people, life, Canada, and just daily things in general. Who would have thought I’d come back from Canada knowing good pet nutrition, how to be a carnie,  how to unicycle, all that weird stuff…

I think I definitely appreciate a lot more things in life now, simple things, big things, anything. I just feel so much more… alive? I don’t know? I just feel different lol.

I’ve definitely decided I’m a partial hoarder though ;).

Anyways, I’ve got a major headache, and I just finished watching Glee. So I’m going to go to bed… Night!

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