Day 367

Evening to those who are still continuing on the reading haha.

I just finished watching 127 Hours. Man did that gross me out, yuck. I don’t think I’d be able to do that at all. Ew… I’m glad I had finished my food before the movie turned disgusting. Ahhh.. Good movie though, I went and looked up stuff about Aron Ralston too… Intense.

Anyways! Up early again, I decided to go to the Thrift store & Value Village. Thankfully I resisted all urges to buy anything and left both stores empty handed! Claps for me! I was VERY tempted to buy a few things though at Value Village…… I really don’t have the baggage space to be thinking about buying anything!

After that I went back to New West & met Sarah at the dollar store. We stocked up on some candy supplies before heading over to Metrotown. We first went to the Superstore because we had ages to spare. I think Sarah ended up getting Pringles and that was it.

We then walked across the road from Metrotown to the Subway store. I bought a footlong to eat for the movie, although it was really gross soggy bread, worst Subway bread I’ve ever had. Really ruined my day 😦 For $7.27 you’d expect it to be good, right?

McDonalds is doing it’s $1 any size soft drink promotional thing again, just like last summer, so that’s exciting. We got that for the movie, nice & cheap! We first went and saw HOP. It wasn’t bad, it was interesting too… I wasn’t aware the Easter Bunny was just like Santa Clause! HAHA! ……. Moving along…. Oh, I’ve also decided next time I see a kids movie I’m making sure to sit in the damn back row, the stupid kid behind me was kicking the seat the whole god damn movie! Sarah and I kept looking back at them, once or twice the mother told him off, but that was it.. GRR.

After HOP we went back to McDonalds and got our drinks refilled. Then we came back up and went and saw Rio. Rio was in 3D, it was good. Lot’s of laughter in the theatre haha. I liked it. When we got out we basically had an hour to spare because of the new bus timetable, there was no point leaving Metrotown just yet. So we went to Winners/Homesense. Haven’t been there in a longggg time. Sarah bought some ‘summer’ clothes, or something. I dunno. But then it closed so everyone had to leave, and that was that.

Jumped back on the Skytrain & went to 22nd, waited for the bus, then came home. Transit is such effort.

And then I watched 127 Hours, and that’s it for today pretty much. I was called in for work, but I basically told them I just worked the past 5 days straight, and tomorrow onwards I’m doing another 5 days straight… so… NO! Haha! They were fine about that, so all was good.

Anyways, I’m very tired now, so it’s bed time. Night!

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