Day 368

Okay, now I feel bad.

I tried to be a rebel and skip the blog for a day, figured no one would notice/care. And no one said anything except for Crysti! SO NOW I FEEL BAD!  I also feel bad because the day would be off and it would be weird.. AH. This is going to be hard to end sometime. LOL. ANYWAYS! I’LL DO IT NOW! D:

I was sorting out my stuff, and finally listed Hercules on craigslist.. I’m asking $200 for him because he comes with EVERYTHINGGGG, and the first and only reply back I’ve gotten was someone saying “Can you sell it for $50?” Uhm, can you die in a hole? Thanks. Ahh. So he’s not going to be as easy to sell as I was hoping… This isn’t going to be good..

What else.. Oh, worked. It wasn’t too bad. Burger King had a crazy rush around 10.10 and it was only Jenny and a newer guy Ryan, both couldn’t handle it on their own so now that I’m BK  trained I was like IMMA GO HELP BK! Haha. It was good 🙂 When I went in there to help, one of the managers Lindsay was on her way in too, so we were both making burgers together. I think that rush of making burgers was good training for me 😉 So that was fun.

After work I was on the Skytrain heading home, there’s this man who often gets the bus with me and he knows one of the drivers so he gets dropped off just before my stop, not at an official stop. But he has to get off at my stop when it’s not his friend driving.. Anyways, the new bus times are bull… So on the Skytrain when he got on, he sat behind me and tapped my shoulder and said “If you want, I’m going up to Braid to get a cab, I noticed you lived by me… So if you wanted to do that..” I was like ohhh, noo, it’s okay, I have no money… Haha D:

Anywhooo! Waited over half an hour for the bus at the stop. So annoying. Lots of people, as there has been lately for the last 12.45 bus. They really can’t say it was ridership demand to cut it. Pfft. About halfway through the bus ride, a bunch of kids got on. One of them came and sat next to me at one point and was like “Hey, so my friend over there in the grey hat thinks your cute, can he get your number?” I was like nah I’m good. “Please, he’s really romantic and stuff” I’m good…. “C’mon.. Pleasee…” LOL. It was super awkward. Eventually they just got off the bus haha. They looked like they were maybe 17….

And that’s pretty much it for the day.. This is weird blogging about the day, on the next day.. Shhh…. Okay, let’s pretend it never happened…. I’M SORRY CRYSTI! D: BYE.


    • amerisis
    • April 23rd, 2011

    Thank you Jess…my whole day has been shit i am convinced it was because i couldn’t start it out with reading your blog post…now all is right with the world and the afternoon/evening HAS to get better! Love you!

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