Day 370

Slept in a little today… Then headed out to New West. I was going to go to the fruit & veggie store… but everything was shut for Easter. My bad. So instead I just went to Metrotown because I knew they would be open… I just walked around for awhile waiting for Sarah to get off work, then she met me there.

We went and saw Water For Elephants first, it was really good. It’s about a guy who ends up joining a circus, enough said! It’s really good though. I liked it. I especially liked the part at the end where the guy says you’ll be on the records for the oldest person to ever run away and join the circus. And the man replies, “I’m not running away, I’m coming home!” <– best line. But yeah, it was good.

After that we walked around for a bit cause we had time to spare before the next movie. We passed the Shaw booth thing there, and noticed HEAPS of people standing/sitting around watching the TV there… The hockey game was on. So we stopped to join in and watch the last 5 minutes of the game. Eventually there was soooo many people standing around. It was cool. The other team almost scored and everyone was like “OH NO!!!” It was cool haha. It was a tie though, and everyone cleared out.. But apparently it did go into over time and Canucks lost…. Sucky!

The next movie we saw was Hanna. It was good too, it was really well done… except it kind of had no point. Like I guess it could sort of have a sequel, which would make some sense.. but I’m not sure haha. It was odd. But very well done. I liked it.

After that movie got out we hurried to the Skytrain to get back to 22nd for the bus. Then came home and that’s that. I watched Thirteen tonight, cause I can. That makes my 102 movie for the year.

And yep, that was the day. I really should slow down on the movie watching and really get a move on with my assignments… I’m waiting for feedback though on my proposal for the project to know that I’m going in the right direction…. Mmm…

Anyways! Going to sleep now, night!

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