Day 372

Tried to do more on my assignments today, I think I’m confusing myself too much though. I have a project/essay that’s 2,000 words, and a presentation that’s 1,000 words.. The project/essay is on alcohol advertising.. while the presentation is on body image in the media…. At least that’s what I think I’m going to do – the body image in the media. I was contemplating that or something to do with the internet/making people famous etc, but I’m not sure haha.

Anyways! I worked tonight. It was pretty slow. There was a hockey game tonight, big game! So work was practically dead. Speaking of the hockey game, tonight was a big night, because if they win then they go on to the next round, but if they lose, that’s it, over. All night managers were walking around and everyone was asking them the scores, everyone was updating everyone. It was intense the wait for the final verdict. Even I was super excited when they were 1-0 to the Canucks.

Almost the end of the final period & the game ended up being a tie, went into over time & everyone was panicking… Lindsay one of my managers came by to tell us, it was funny. Not too long later there was cheers coming from concession, Canucks won! Cheering all over the theatre lol.

Walking downtown tonight from work to the Skytrain was madness! People just had their hands like glued to their car horns, screaming, cheering, everything! It was pretty cool. Imagine what it’ll be like if they actually win the Stanley Cup! I’m totally hoping they do! And totally hoping it’s while I’m still here!! The atmosphere of the team spirit is just so cool 🙂 YAY CANUCKS!

Anyways! Watched Glee, and that’s it really…. Got two days off, so I’ll do some shopping/browsing/chilling.. Hopefully can knock some chunks of the words off these assignments.. Night!

    • amerisis
    • April 27th, 2011

    I like the idea of the body image presentation!It is such a huge issue and I think the more it is addressed the better! would love to see the final project when you’ve finished! XOXOX

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