Day 373

I think I’ll be leaving Vancouver on day 409, so on day 409 I’ll be arriving in Dallas 😉 HELLO TEXAS!

Anyways! I woke up today and tried to get straight into my assignment. Kind of made some more progress on it, still very slow… I’m trying. I’m struggling to find statistics that have evidence/proof to back it up. So far just finding a heap of sites stating the same stats but no one saying where they came from.. Sigh!

I went to Value Village today, didn’t find anything that interesting. Went to the dollar store and somehow managed to spend $14… Go figure. A lot of things ended up being $2. Sucky. I bought a Canucks wall thing, I figured there wont be much Canucks things left in May/June so I should get stuff now to take home LOL.

Also went and got some bananas and strawberries, then headed home. It was horrible weather out today, my umbrella flipped inside out, it was so windy and soo wet.

I’m also getting sick, I have a huge headache and I can just feel a head cold coming on. Not happy. THANKS A LOT EVERYONE WHOS SICK LATELY! Thought I was going to be the only one to pull through without getting sick too. Apparently not. Unless I wake up tomorrow feeling better! Haha! Maybe I have some Buckleys left over somewhere that I should take.. Hmm.. Think I might..

Anywhoo! That’s that really. Night! 

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