Day 374

After feeling sick before I went to bed last night, I slept terribly. I woke up around 5.30am with violent hiccups and I was sweating like mad. It helped though I guess because I didn’t have the headache when I woke up. But my throat was still very sore, and I have a really really dry cough occasionally… And I can’t really talk, my voice is on its way out. Ho hum! Not fun. AND I have almost an 8hr shift tomorrow. Awesome…. Guess we’ll see how I wake up tomorrow..

Anywhoo…  I spent ages doing my assignment today, so I made some good progress with that. Also got my mark/feedback on my other assignment so now I can continue on with that one too. Too much effort having two assignments haha I don’t like it.

Had a lady inquire about Hercules too, she’s from Washington State – so she was trying to find out how it would go getting him across the border. I’m not sure if she was expecting that I meet her at the border or what, cause that ain’t happening..

Not much else happened really.. looked at cars and rental places and just general stuff lol. Boredom. Going to go to bed now and try and sleep this sore throat off. Night!

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