Day 375

STILL SICK! I don’t like it at all. Besides the sore throat I feel fine.. So I decided I had to work! Soldier on! Cause I wasn’t light headed or stuffy or anything, just sore throat. I tried to avoid working the till, and I was doing so fine with my sore throat, but when Keith went on break and only I had the other till, I failed 😦

Got a bit of a tickle in my throat, you know? Just a sudden dry spot, then choked basically. I’d run out of cough lollies too. I basically tried to ask the customer a question & choked, I had to walk away. Luckily Ashley was there and I pretty much just pushed her towards the guy so she could help him with whatever it was he needed at the end.. I heard the man saying “is she okay??” haha. I had to walk away coughing. My eyes were watering from coughing. It sucked!

So after that little incident I went back to my locker and took some more Buckleys – the last of my Buckleys too! D: and got some more cough lollies.

Fast Five came out today, and oh boy did I underestimate how busy that was going to get… It was WELL over 2,000 people today JUST FOR FAST FIVE ALONE! I think it was just over 3,000 in the whole theatre all day. But 2k alone was Fast Five! Just madness! So we were pretty damn busy. Had some crazy rushes. The rush at the end was the worst. Our manager Greg was in there helping us too, he said he’s never seen it so busy. He high fived us after we defeated the rush. LOL good fun. I’m glad Keith went on till for the last part, I wouldn’t have survived it with my sore throat. Ughh.

I’m feeling sicker tonight than the past two nights. My ears actually hurt now. Still so gross to swallow or drink anything. I so badly want to skull a bottle of nice cold water, but I can’t. I haven’t really drank anything today, so I’m feeling pretty warn out. Give me some IV, stat!

Anywhoooo… I did 8 hours today, so I’m beat. I didn’t have to close thankfully, I got out at 11. I was supposed to get out at 10.45 but it was that busy at the end I stayed back to rush through some closing things with them, but left just before 11. Which means I got the 11.45 bus home, and was home just after 12! Instead of just after 1 😀 it was good.

Realized before that I hadn’t eaten anything all day except for cereal this morning, and a banana, and endless cough lollies today. But I didn’t feel that hungry because I knew I couldn’t eat very well cause of my throat.. But I had a veggie wrap thingy and another banana now that I’m home, and now the throats aching again. Lindsay told me I should get ‘oil of oregano’  apparently she swears by it for sore throats. She says as disgusting as it is, you just swish it around in your mouth for about 30 seconds then swallow it, it’s soo gross, and you can feel it burning your throat, but it kills everything. If I had some on hand I would totally try it because I really hate this feeling.

Anyways,  going to go try and sleep it off…. Again. Night!

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