Day 376

STILL SICK! 😦 I went to work today still though, I soldiered on. I’m getting sicker as the night progresses though so I’m VERY glad that I have the next two days off, time to recover!

I was in Burger King tonight, crazy. I guess the best way to learn is by working the rush right? I was making burgers like crazy haha, so I learned a lot. It’s pretty simple I guess…. I still feel like I’m more comfortable in Outtakes though!

On my way to work I swung by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Now, if you remember, it was only just over a week ago that it was 420 day, so there was the thousands of people out front all getting high.. Well today, the Art Gallery unveiled the “Worlds Largest Box of Cereal” ! with a super awesome “surprise” inside!

It was pretty cool. I would love to have a box of cereal that big 😛 I could live off it! Mmmm! Om nom nom!

After work Trini and I swung by there again to see if it was still there, and it was. Except the car was moved & the area was taped off & security were there watching to make sure no one went inside the box! HAHA.

We also stopped by Tim Hortons cause she wanted a drink. I’m going to miss Tim Hortons!!

Then I got the Skytrain then bus home, and that’s that! Now I’m laying here in bed, blocked sinuses now. Feeling super sick. I had soup for dinner, but it didn’t help. 😦 Going to go try and sleep it off now. Night!

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