Day 377

Soo I’m still sick.. I woke up worse today than the past few days, and it sucked.

So, I spent the entire day laying in bed resting. It was grand :). I know this would have been perfect assignment time…. But I felt horrible and really wasn’t up for that. So instead I played Pokemon. Simple 🙂

I do feel better tonight than I did this morning, but I still feel yuck. Hopefully I’ll be feeling even better tomorrow, so then maybe I can finally go see Fast Five?!? …and do a bunch of other errands I need to do. Sigh!

News also broke tonight that Osama Bin Laden is now dead. Obama was supposed to make this announcement at 10.30 EST, but it was leaked on Twitter before he got a chance to, and then it took him an hour before he actually came and announced it himself. Good ol’ Twitter. This also meant that I knew before Mum 😉 So I broke the news to her. Haha.

Anyways, I’m snacking on baby carrots right now. Best snacks. I’m not really tired because I’ve been in bed all day, but I feel I should go and try to sleep this off. Night!

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