Day 378


I felt a lot better today, still got a cough and not feeling 100% but much better than yesterday.

I went to Metrotown and was waiting to talk to the man at Shaw about cancelling our service. Long wait. Also was waiting for Sarah to come so we could go see a movie. Eventually when it was our turn, he told us we couldn’t cancel it there, and had to do it on the phone. DAMMIT. How annoying.

Anywhoo… We went and saw Fast Five in the new “ULTRA AVX” theatre at the cinema there. I was expecting it to be like Vmax cause it said “wall to wall screen” “reserved seating” “rocker chairs” etc etc. So I thought, sweet! Vmax! When we got in though, it was just like any other theatre here… Screen was wall to wall, but the wall wasn’t any bigger than the others, it was just much taller than the others which are normally just wide/long. The seats were slightly more comfortable, and by rocker chairs, it meant they reclined backwards. But it wasn’t a good reclining, it was like literally a rocking chair, you had to hold yourself reclined back or it would just go forward again. Ugh. Kind of a fail. But still, it was pretty cool for the cinemas here…

Surprises me how old school their theatres are compared to our Vmax, like you’d think they’d be on top of it here…. Nope..

Oh, and Fast Five was good! I liked it! Cough bring on Fast 6 cough!

Went shopping at the Superstore afterwards, then got the Skytrain then bus home. And that was that! Watched Gossip Girl & The Secret Life tonight actually on TV for once. Haven’t watched TV in ages! So used to having to catch up on things online now. I need to get back into the assignment mindframe and crack down to finish or get close to finishing these assignments… such effort..

Anywhooo…. off to bed now, night!

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