Day 379

Woke up at 12 today, to my alarm.. Had to get ready pretty quickly cause I didn’t actually get out of bed until about 20 past. Bus was at 1.08, and I started work at 2.30! D: Such an early shift, strange.

Anyways, work wasn’t too bad. I had a lot to do because the other guy who had opened wasn’t around really, don’t know where he was. He was telling us that sometimes he goes and has a nap in the staff room……… I know it’s dead in the mornings, but really, there’s so much to prep… Anyways I didn’t even have time to stop and do nothing, I was making pizzas, and nachos, and hot dogs, and serving, the works. Ashley and her boyfriend, Elvis, came and saw Fast Five. They were really early though so they were entertaining me for a bit.

They came back again after their movie, this was around 5.40ish I think. I’d been told I was being sent home at 6 when the next person got here cause they didn’t need me cause there’s a hockey game on. I knew it’d be busy still though, didn’t want to leave either. Was a waste of coming to work.. But alas, I left. Ashley was waiting for me so we could go over to McDonalds to wait for Elvis, he had a mangers meeting thing. (He’s a manager at the Maccas here on Granville and makes less than Kahni does an hour!)

Anyways! We saw Outtakes get a big long line up, and only Keith & Mary working. Felt bad, but hey, managers sent me home, so not much I could do then.

We walked over two blocks to Granville & waited for Elvis. He said it’d only be an hour but it ended up being longer haha. We sat upstairs and watched the hockey game on the TV. It was pretty cool. There was a few people watching too, and then others who were just casually there eating/watching.

Canucks were winning, then in the last 6 minutes Nashville scored as well, so it was a tie, but it went into over time which they seem to be doing often! Before the over time period started though Elvis was done and we left. I didn’t mind waiting around with Ashley for him, it was a nice day out, and I would have been at work still anyways, I was totally fine to enjoy the atmosphere of downtown/Granville & watch the hockey game 🙂

Found out through Twitter though that the Canucks did win in the over time, good for them! Ashley, Elvis & I were on the Skytrain, they were off at Commercial though and then I went home. I think I got home around 10. Cause I had to wait for the stupid 9.45 bus, very annoying with the hour wait, sigh.

And that’s it really for the day. I’m working the next 8 days straight, then a day off, then Michelle comes the day after that! Then another 7 days straight of work/carnival, and that’s it! Although, I still haven’t told them I’m leaving. I tried to do it today, couldn’t bring myself to! 😦 So awkward! Ahh! Must do it tomorrow….. must! Anywhooo… Night!

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