Day 380

Last night I had 3 really crazy dreams, like so weird. Don’t even know where my imagination gets this stuff from. But anywhoo..

Woke up at 12 again, finally got out of bed around quarter past, and again had to make the 1pm bus. Made it, and went downtown! On my way to work, walking past the Sutton Place Hotel as I do every day, I passed some of the local autograph hounds/papparazzi guys that I’ve been following on Twitter. They were obviously waiting for someone, they were there awhile. I didn’t say hi or anything, how awkward haha. But I was early for work so I was watching them from the 2nd floor, waiting to see how they approach whoever they were waiting for. Unfortunately they were still waiting though when it came time for me to start work 😦 So I have no idea how it went down.

Work was slow.. Very slow. Quite boring really. I still didn’t have the courage to tell them I’m quitting, but I knew I had to. So I managed to get the guts to tell Lyndsay while she was in there getting the credits, wasn’t fun. D: I felt bad, and then she was like “aaaww” haha. So then I felt a bit better about it, but I knew I still had to tell higher management, because she’s only a part time manager and it has to be one of the full time ones. Preferably Rachel.. Who wasn’t in today.

When I was leaving tonight, on my way out the door, turns out Rachel had stopped by today for something, and she was behind me. Awkward! But it was the perfect chance to do it, so I just went for it. So that’s that. I’ve now given my two weeks notice. D: I’m sad to be leaving there haha I like working at the theatre, and I love free movies! So I need to write my letter of resignation to take in tomorrow. Ho hum.

Was going to go unicycling tonight now that they’ve started back, but by the time I got to Science World it was around 8.30, and I guess no one really showed up because they were packed up and leaving, sooo I just headed home. Missed the bus by not even a minute unfortunately, and didn’t want to wait an hour. Not cool. So I jumped on another bus, the 154, and decided to see where it went. I knew it went around 6th & 6th in New West so I just went for it haha.

I got off at Safeway and just walked around there for awhile, I had heaps of time to kill. And it was better than waiting at 22nd st. I bought some yogurt, that’s it really.. Then I walked up to the other bus stop and waited and waited and waited for the 101 to finally come by there. Ugh!

Caught up on Hellcats & Glee tonight. Good shows. I like TV shows & movies… maybe a little bit too much.

OH! That reminds me, there was a special screening of Thor tonight at work, some radio contest winners or something, anyways, it was the “classic rock” station, and so there was a bunch of much older people, dressed up all medieval like, coming to see Thor. It was kinda really funny. Like they were old, grand parent age old, most were anyways. And all dressed up! They had their swords, hammers, shields, helmets, everything. Sooo funny.

Ahahaha. Anyways, that’s the day really. Off to bed now in hopes I’ll wake up a bit earlier tomorrow so I can write this resignation letter & do some assignment work! Night!

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