Day 382


Today I got up just after 12 and was straight into my assignments. I was on a roll, when suddenly my phone decided to tell me I had work in 2 hours. CRAP. I thought I started at 5, but it was actually 3! MY BAD! It was 1.15 at this point, and the bus was at 1.30…. Needless to say it was the quickest I’ve ever gotten ready for work.. I was even still dressing myself properly on the bus haha!

Anyways work was quite busy again tonight, the release of Thor. It didn’t end up as backed up in Outtakes though as Fast Five did last week, but Thor still did get more viewers than Fast Five.. Just no one wanted our food 😉 haha.

I finished at 11 tonight so luckily I made the 11.45 bus home, which is why I’m home early! But that’s good because I have to get the 7.30am bus tomorrow! We have a cast meeting at 8.45-12 😦 then I have 5 hours  Downtown to do whatever, then I start work at 5 until 11.55… Damn long day. Going to go see a movie in that 5 hours. I would do my assignments, but there’s really no point coming home in between that time, when I’d spend 3 hours of it in transit. So yeah.

Don’t think I can be bothered washing my hair tonight……. I think I should just go to bed, now. Haha. Night!

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