Day 383

Longest day ever…

I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am, I was tossing and turning for ages but wasn’t tired enough. It sucked! My alarm went off at 6am, and I was up. Had to get the 7.30am bus, I met Mary at Burrard and we went to Tim Hortons for hot chocolate. So damn early to be out.

Then we walked up to work, met Ashley outside and we went in for our cast meeting. Everyone was there, compulsory staff meeting. We all loaded into one of the theatres and sat there for 3 hours to do a meeting haha.

We basically just went over everything we learned in orientation, some new info, all that kinda stuff. Wasn’t TOO bad…. considering it was paid haha. Afterwards some people had to go straight to work, others went home, I had work at 5 so there was no point going home so I was off to see Something Borrowed at Tinseltown. Mary tagged along with me so that was cool.

Tinseltown cinema was kind of interesting, I was all excited until I actually got in there. The screen was tiny, and the seats were weird, it was really interesting though haha. But I so don’t prefer it at all! If I had the choice I wouldn’t see a movie in the small theatre again 😉

Something Borrowed was a good movie, I liked it. It was pretty funny too. Good movie overall 🙂

After the movie we went back to Burrard, Mary was going to Future Shop & it was pouring down rain AND hailing, so I decided I was just going to go to work early, the weather was too crappy to be out in it. So I went back to the cinema and decided to just go sit in on another movie. Fast Five was just starting when I’d gotten there so I went with that. I still had an hour before work, so that’s half the movie, so why not. I wouldn’t have gone in if I hadn’t already seen it though, obviously.

I actually ended up falling asleep. LOL. I just kept dozing off. I couldn’t help it. I felt so awkward haha cause I was in a very obvious seat, lots of people walked by me, I know cause they kept waking me accidentally haha. I couldn’t keep my eyes open though no matter how hard I tried to watch the movie. So then luckily I woke up in time to head out to start work!

Work was busy. The morning people had left dough on the oven and then they left when I got there almost and when we noticed the dough, it had basically risen & cooked, it was insane! LOL. We obviously had to toss them all. Mary and I were playing with them while trying to toss them out lol they were so gooey and warm and very very sticky.  Fun times.

A lady came today and she must have been there for a kids birthday or something because she ordered 8 slices of pizza, a hot dog, and 9 drinks! Crazy! That order threw everything out of line, I was very muddled up after that trying to get back on track lol. Greg had to come in for awhile to help us out with orders cause we were getting backed up busy.

Keith eventually came and went on till, cause our 2nd till was broken & he had to go on till so I could go on break haha so he had till all night. At one point tonight it was pretty busy and floor needed help so Trini and I went to clean a theatre, then had to assist in getting all the guests into that theatre. This was all for Thor by the way. So I was helping with the huge line and keeping everyone in line and stuff haha. Then after that we had to go quickly clean another theatre! Then while doing that Outtakes got busy again and they needed me back so back I went.

Hectic day really. I’m so tired. I was out of the house for 18 hours I’m pretty sure it was. And functioning on 3 hours sleep… Yayyy… Not… So I’m going to go to bed now, going to sleep like a log! Yay! Night!

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