Day 384

It’s Mothers Day here, so Happy Mothers Day, mother!

Forgot what time I woke up today, but I was doing my assignment for ages. I’m pretty much almost done my 1000 word assignment, so that’s good I guess. One down, one to go. Basically another 1200 words I need for my other assignment, don’t know where I’m going to pull that from to be honest.. I’m sick of uni. D:

Worked today, AGAIN. Tiering.  It was kind of busy, like we had some random really big rushes, but it was okay for the most part. I was serving a guest some cheese fries today yeah, and as I put the scoop thing back into the cheese, it splashed my face/hair kinda a bit… And the guy I was serving goes “Haha! Ohh!! Do you have any white cheese?!?!” then he instantly went “Ahh.. I’m sorry……… That was uncalled for…….. I apologize!” I lol’d.

Another customer I was serving, while I was discussing the pizza thing with him, one of his friends dacked him..  Yep. He’s lucky he had briefs on underneath! LOL. He went sooo red though, and his friends found it hilarious. They were laughing for ages. Of course we also thought it was hilarious… but at the same time annoying cause they were holding everything up with their laughing lol.

Anywhooo… Nothing much else really, just tired. Two more days and then it’s two days off! 😀 yay! Can’t wait. Off to bed now, night!

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