Day 386

Finally, an end to my 8 day straight work week. Very tiring! Like yeah, okay, sure, some people probably do more than that all the time at other jobs. But I’m pretty sure there’s a major difference between what I do at work, vs something like sitting in an office chair every day answering phones. That’s less tiring physically on you… Plus the hours I work are very draining. So go on, fight me over how “8 days is nothing” and then try my job, okay?

Good, I’m glad that’s settled…. Anyways! Another super hectic day tonight, AND I was in Burger King. I don’t even know how many customers we had all up today at the theatre, I was too busy making burgers NON STOP. There was a good solid hour & a half straight where it was VERY full on. Lindsay & I were making burgers like crazy people. Mark, DC, AND Maryse were running/dropping food/giving stuff out, and Trini was on till. It was pretty damn insane! And it’s soo hot back there, then with all those people, it’s very hot. And gross. And hectic. But nevertheless, we managed.

Got out at about 11.50, pretty late. On the Skytrain on the way home the police got on to do a ticket check, at midnight?! Very weird! But yeah, Maryanne & I were fine, Trini unfortunately had forgotten to buy her ticket… Unlucky… Her second time caught in the past few days too… Haven’t talked to her since she got off the train with them 😦 Poor Trini!

Watched Glee tonight, ate my dinner, and chatted to some people. Michelle leaves in less than 12 hours! So she’s nervous! But so exciting! Can’t wait!! 😀 😀

Anywhoo, off to sleep. Night!

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