Day 387

I’m done!! My assignments!! Yay! Well, kind of. I’m SLIGHTLY off the word limit, for both assignments. But at this point, I don’t give a shit. I’m so over them and I just want to hand them in. As long as I get a pass, then it’s all good!

In other news, I went shopping for food items today in between my intense assignments day. That’s such a lie, it wasn’t very intense. I watched Hellcats today too lol and I tried so hard to just work soley on the assignment, but it’s so lame. Don’t even want to talk about it haha.

ANYWAYS! Picking Michelle up at the airport tomorrow! Exciting stuff! She’s currently on the plane on her way here! Hope she’s having fun LOL. Sarah and I were thinking of going to Boston Pizza perhaps, so we’ll see if Michelle’s down for that! Fun fun!

That’s it for the blog really, I seriously laid here for most of the day trying to do my assignment haha. Anywhoo! Bye!

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