Day 388

Put my laptop away too quick again, so it’s blog-from-iPod-time.

I got up too early this morning. laid in bed trying to get back to sleep, ended up playing pokemon for awhile, and fell asleep doing that.

Went out to the airport to pick up Michelle this afternoon! Yay! Haha. first thing she said was that I’m not blonde anymore… she also said that I grew/look taller… cool??!

We hauled the luggage home. Missed the bus at 22nd, watched it drive off. couldn’t really run down the stairs with our bags lol!

We got home, dropped off the bags, said hi to Sarah and then left again. By now it was already late, like 8.30pm. but we were hungry & needed to go out! Sarah didn’t come, because she was starving & didn’t want to wait until after 9.30 to eat. so she ate earlier.

We went to Boston Pizza. Om nom nom! Good stuff lol. We chatted & caught up lol. Doesn’t really feel like it’s been a year since we saw each other. but in a way it does feel like ages.

After eating we went to the Superstore so Michelle could get some food stuff. She was pretty cold. she’s not really prepared for the weather. LOL! I’m warm in my layers, and she was wearing a singlet & hoodie.. fail! Ahahaha.

Michelle also brought me jam drops! Yay! so exciting lol. no one here knows what they are! Except my manager Lindsay, but shes from Ontario lol.

Anywhoo, off to bed now. Carnival tomorrow! yay! Night!

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