Day 389


Woke up at about 10, got ready and stuff, then I texted Michelle at 10.30 cause I didn’t want to go in and wake her LOL so I let her phone wake her! Haha!

Then she got ready and we raced out the door, got halfway before realizing she needed bus money, and remembered Sarah had forgotten her bus pass on the table, so we ran back to borrow that. lol then we missed the bus we were going for, but instead got on the bus the other way to 22nd.

At 22nd I showed Michelle how to use the ticket machines for zone upgrades LOL then we jumped on the Skytrain. At Metrotown I kicked her off. LOL. Not really… She was going to go entertain herself for a few hours walking around the mall while I went and set up at work. So she was on her own! Left to explore Vancouver! Haha! I gave her directions on how to get to the carnival location and told her to just come by whenever shes done exploring Metrotown LOL.

So I went to carnival, said hi to Doug, Eddie & Jen. Only them & two new guys were there at that time, I was a bit early. I talked to Jen for awhile, we caught up, discussed our travels over the past several months haha. Doug cut all his hair too! He has short hair now! He had long hair before and it reminded me of dad! Except Doug tied his in a ponytail lol.

Eventually Jon came along! Caught up with him! And worked at the same time of course haha. It was basically quick recaps of the past like 6 months or whatever. Oh my, it’s been 6 months since last carnival?! No way!

Anywhoo! Patti and Mel came along later too, so I said hello to them too! It was good seeing everyone again, and just being back at the carnival! Forgot how physically demanding it is too with setting up, ride running, and packing up. Depends on your ride or game too. Unfortunately I ended up on ferris wheel today. I’m not a fan of ferris wheel, too many bumps to the head. You have to stop it low enough that the kids can get off safely, but also not too low that you need to basically crouch to get them out. I generally stop in between, but if you get those annoying kids that rock it like crazy, you’re going to get hit!

So I took a few hits today, I don’t think I’ve ever actually hit my head yet, but I managed to get hit heaps today. I had lots of crying kids too, I’m a terrible person LOL. I can’t help it the ride is scary for small children!

Michelle came by eventually and was observing everything lol she thinks the carnival thing is pretty cool, and the people are cool. She says we’re all just a family group like, chilled. Haha. It was good. Lol. I’ve missed the carnival. Sundays carnival got cancelled too, so now I’ll only get to do 3 (hopefully) instead of 4 before I leave 😦

There was 6 new people today, two who started earlier than I did today, and 4 who started later just to run stuff, they didn’t really set up. The 4 who started later weren’t really all that amazing…. The girl was kind of annoying, she was like “ew, it’s dirty…… I’m not doing that” …. So it’s like ugh, what’d you expect, it’s a carnival.. seriously? But the two guys who started early today were good, they were really into it. One of them, I think his name was Nick, he was loving it haha he was saying how the atmosphere is great for you, the kids being so happy makes you so happy it’s just a great vibe, something like that. Lol. Totally true!

After the carnival Marcus dropped Jon, Michelle & I off at the Skytrain.  When we jumped on the Skytrain, Nick & Cory (the two guys who started earlier today) were both on there when the doors opened lol so that was kind of interesting haha it was just like “….oh……… surprise!” LOL.

Michelle & I got off at 22nd and got the bus to New West, we were going to go to IHOP. It was 10.15pm by this time, and when we got to IHOP it turns out it closed at 10. 😦 So we walked back to the Mall to find a bathroom to use, and ended up just going to White Spot for dinner because it was the only thing really opened, and it was open until 11! So we went there.

Had the veggie burger there finally, everyones been telling me to get it like for the past year, so finally I did. And it was pretty good. I was expecting it to be worse to be honest haha but no. Michelle had a burger as well, the “legendary” lol. We were laughing so hard at something, I don’t even know what. Almost choked to death. This is what TAFE was like, non stop laughing. HAHA. So bad.

After eating we went to Blockbuster to walk around while we waited for the bus, then jumped on the bus and home we went. Watched some Family Guy before, but now I’m super tired so I’m off to bed. So yep, that is that! Night!

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