Day 390


Slept in today, it was great. Eventually Michelle got up as well, not long after me though really. We had breakfast and watched some TV for awhile, until I had to get ready for work.

Michelle tagged along. We were there like almost 10 minutes before the 4.30 bus, which never showed up. So then we had to get on the 5.08 bus. PISSED OFF. Because I had to start at 5.45, I was pretty damn late! But whatever.

Michelle walked with me to work, then she went off to explore Downtown Vancouver. I went to work, it was kind of busy hectic for awhile, but I think we over estimated how well Priest was going to do for opening weekend, it’s apparently really not that great..

Michelle came and saw Source Code too while I worked then she waited around until I was done & we went home, that’s that really! When we went into the tunnel at Burrard to get on the Skytrain she said something like “This is creepy, and you do this alone every night? I’m surprised you haven’t been raped yet” LOLOL. It’s so not that bad! HAHA.

Anywhoo, we just finished watching Just Like Heaven, because it was on the TV lol. Had a major epic laugh over the smelly couch, so funny. HAHA. Good times.. Totally tired as now though, off to sleep.. Laters!

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