Day 391

What did I do today…. I’m trying to think.. Hold up..

So I think I slept in until around 11.30 or so, then the other two slowly woke up after me haha. Michelle and I were trying to sort out what we could do for the day, we planned Build A Bear, Chuck E Cheese & a movie…

By the time we left the house it was like after 3pm, so we were hungry and decided to go straight to Chuck E Cheese. We got the large pizza combo thing between the 3 of us, and all the tokens and off we went!

Oh, when we walked in the lady said “are you guys with a parent or here for a party?” we said no, and she said “oh, well unfortunately we’re not allowed to let teenagers in unaccompanied for safety reasons” and I looked at her and went uhm, we’re all over 19… “oh, ok then!” Awkward. We’ve been there heaps, it’s all Michelle’s fault for looking like a child! 😛 They even gave us the stamp things, we’ve never got the stamp things. I was totally expecting them to check it when we were leaving, or at least check Michelle when she was leaving LOL but they didn’t! 😦

Anywhoo, Chuck E Cheese was fun. Lots more people there this time though so it was a bit hectic. Fun though!

Afterwards we headed back to Metrotown to go see a movie, but by the time we got there it was about 8pm, and the next movie wasn’t until like 9.50 or 10.20, so we figured meh, and just went home.

Watched some TV and parts of movies at home tonight, I’m not sure if I should add movies to my list that I missed a bit of… Like I saw the majority of the movie, so do I add it? Or no…? I’m stuck in a major confusion cause there’s like three movies there I could add…. Help!

Other than that, I’m tired now and off to bed. Nighty night!

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