Day 392

Evening lads!

Had a pretty chilled morning/day, went to work this afternoon until close. I was the only girl in RBO’s so I discovered lol. We all closed pretty quick. It was a really dead night, as most Mondays are! So we had lots of spare time to clean and pre-close.

Had a good chat to the guys there, don’t know if I mentioned it the other day, but Jon from carnival is room mates/friends with Mark from the theatre who I work with! So we had a good chat about that tonight lol. Pretty funny stuff, such a small world..

When I got home tonight Michelle & I baked some muffins! It was cake mix and we added chocolate chips! Mmmm! We were going to put milk in it, but the milk Michelle bought accidentally was soy milk, and she said it was gross, so we went for water. I tried the soy milk though, and it really wasn’t that bad… Like, I was expecting it to be way worse…. I think I might try it on my cereal tomorrow lol. Definitely can’t beat real milk, but it’s not like vomit worthy!

Haha, anyways… Muffins… Good stuff lol. They all ended up way big and didn’t come out of the pan right, I think it was cause we used the wrong kind of oil. LOL. Funny as though. Good times, good times. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard this year as I have the past few nights lol. I’m going to get abs from this. LOL. Ahhh man. Anywhoo! We watched Disney channel for awhile tonight too while eating our muffins. Who makes muffins at 2am? And then watches Disney channel? WE DO!

Then we did dishes, at 3.40am.. LOL. Now it’s just after 4am and I’ve decided I’m tired and going to bed. Michelle’s going to finish watching The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody before she goes to bed, haha! So yep, with that, I bid you goodnight!

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