Day 393

Today feels like two days… Woke up around 11.30, Michelle got up too.. We slowly but surely decided on something to do today then off we went at about 2pm.

Took the old hedgehog wheel to 22nd Street where we were meeting up with a girl to sell it for $20. While waiting, this old lady came over to Michelle & I calling us beautiful and what not, then was going on about Jesus and how we will spend eternity in heaven with him and so forth. She put her hand on our heads at one point and was making us repeat after her about our sins and letting Him enter our blood…………………………… I couldn’t stop laughing. I was dying. LOL. Michelle had such a straight face, made me laugh even more. Soooo funny. The lady kept saying “Why you laughing?” HAHA. Ohh boy..

Anywhoo, during that moment the girl came to buy the wheel lol, quick trade and that was that. Then we escaped Jesus lady and went to Metrotown. We looked in the sports store at the Canucks jerseys, it’s only $99 for the womans ones, which isn’t bad! They’re all selling out though dammit, so I think I need to get one asap!

We also went to Build-A-Bear and we both built a bear lol. We bought them Canucks outfits too! πŸ˜‰ It’s just a Canucks fest here right now! Yewwwww!

After we built our bears, we went to Nandos for lunch. Then after that I had to go to work and Michelle hung around Metrotown for a bit longer. Work was a bit busy at times, but nothing too extreme. There was only two of us in Outtakes, so one of the managers had to come in and help out for a few minutes, but nothing overly epic.

My other manager, Lindsay, we worked out tonight was my last shift ever working with her! So she was bummed about that. Sucks I’m leaving. 😦

Oh! I also won ‘The Mechanic’ DVD tonight, lol. I think they just had extra stuff lying around in the office maybe, cause Greg came out and told us all to guess a number between 1 and 10, I guessed 9 and won πŸ˜‰ LOL. Good stuff.

Came home & just watched Gossip Girl. Still gotta catch up on my three other shows but right now I’m too tired so off to bed! Night!

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