Day 394


After a chilled morning at home, Michelle and I headed out on the bus this afternoon. She was going to Lougheed and I was going to work.

Work was pretty slow, there was a hockey game on tonight so we figured it was going to be dead. It was my second last shift there! Sad! Jenny finished at 4.45 today, yet she waited until 5.30 in the staff room for when I got there so she could give me some Snoopy stickers! πŸ™‚

This is my name tag now!

WIN! Haha. I felt like I had a boring name badge for ages lol. I never got around to putting a favourite movie on there… Oops.

Had some good chats at work, it was good. It was my last night working with most people so that sucked. It doesn’t feel like I won’t see them again, and to be honest, I probably wont see a lot of these people ever again.. Weird.

After work I came home and did the usual. Michelle and I also spent probably a good hour sorting out our itinerary for the next week. So little time and so much to do… I’m going to be broke I’m sure, and tired! But at least everything will have been covered! πŸ˜€

We’re buying Canucks jerseys tomorrow, I feel like I need to sell my snowboard & ticket master gift card before I can allow myself to buy a jersey, but I just have to do it! Just buy it Jess, dammit! Too indecisive..

Anywhoo, I better get to sleep, action packed week begins tomorrow, I can feel the tiredness already…. Night!

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