Day 395

Last day of work at the theatre. Kinda sad. Was fun working there, I liked it.

Today Michelle & I got up and went Downtown, we got the bus to Stanley Park and walked around for a few hours exploring. It was good fun. We saw a raccoon finding food in the bin lol pretty cool.

Also found this cool little back entrance thing to the Aquarium, where you can see the belugas & the seals, but that’s it. It’s like a little viewing area, but they closed it again soon after we got in there 😦 There was a few people in there too.. But that was cool.

We went and  ate some food in the park too with this view,

So that was all fun. We saw film signs for Underworld 4 as well, tried to follow the signs but no luck, we couldn’t find it 😦

After walking around for awhile we jumped back on the bus and headed back to Downtown. I had to go to work so it was time to head back there.

Work was kind of slow tonight, it was an alright night. Wasn’t anything epic or exciting for my last night, but it was all good.

Trini brought cake for me 🙂 Very nice of her. We had our break at the same time and Mark was still on his break too so he joined us for cake. Before our break was over, Mary had come out of seeing a movie and joined us too to finish off the cake. It was fun. This was the cake slices,

It was pretty damn good..

Michelle saw a movie while I worked and then waited around for me afterwards. After I finished working I went in to the office to say goodbye to the managers who were on. It was nice. They’re all really nice people. They all whipped out their phones too and were trying to find me on Facebook LOL!  We had a good chat and stuff, it was good. Apparently there’s always a job there for me, naaw.

I lost track of time while chatting to them and realized we had to rush majorly for the bus. Luckily though we literally JUST made it. Like had to run. The driver wasn’t very pleased to have to wait for all the people running for the bus, but really he can get over it because it’s not our fault that’s the last bus time now! Translink is bullshitting us with this ‘rider demand’ crap.

Anywhooo, I’m tired now and got a heap of stuff to do tomorrow! So with that I will bid you farewell and goodnight!

    • Mum
    • May 20th, 2011

    OMG…..I glimpsed the first photo before reading and thought you tossed Hercules in the bin cos you couldn’t find him a home!

    Yeah, I think I need glasses for the computer.

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