Day 396

Hi hi!

I woke up just before 10am today, but I didn’t really make any noise around the house until just after 11, then Michelle woke up. We headed out at about 12.30. It took almost 2 hours to get all the way to North Vancouver for the Capilano Suspension Bridge, but we made it.

We actually got lost though when we got off the final bus to get there, we went right instead of left and were very lost… turns out it was left and it’s right there… OUR BAD!! But nevertheless, we made it and went 🙂

It was pretty awesome, again. The ‘coming soon’ “Cliffwalk” attraction that’s scheduled to open June 3rd was completed early, so they let people go on it today. They asked us questions along the way and surveyed us at the end on how we liked it. We took a lot of pictures on it, but unfortunately because they haven’t done a press release on it yet, they asked us to not upload any photos to the internet or anything at all… So that sucks. We can after June 3rd though, but yeah, we were one of the first people on it! Ever! It literally opened 11am today! Pretty epic. It was really neat too, nice views, and you’re seriously like cliff walking haha!

We crossed the bridge back and forth twice today lol it was fun. Lots of photos. This is a view from the bridge..

 And this is a view of the bridge..

After the Suspension Bridge we jumped back on another bus and headed to Lonsdale Quay where we got the Seabus from North Van to Waterfront! I’ve been wanting to go on the Seabus! It reminded me of the ferry to Staten Island in New York! Pretty awesome!

Then we got the Skytrain to Richmond then a bus where we went to the Richmond Summer Night Markets! I kind of expected more from it, but at the same time I wasn’t really sure what to expect….. Now, Richmond is known for being home to pretty much all the Asians in Vancouver. Like dead set, we were the minority in Richmond, it was awkward.

Obviously all the food at the markets was Asian food. They had some weird stuff, stuff I’ve never even seen or heard of before. One thing I was told to try there though was ‘Hurricane Potatoes’ so we tried them:

It’s just like a potato twirled around a stick, and fried, then flavoured. We picked salt & vinegar flavour haha. They weren’t too bad, they weren’t great though once they went slightly cold… But still they were interesting. After getting them we basically just left, we felt very out of place and it wasn’t really that exciting. I think you need to be into all that Asian stuff haha. But to me it felt like I was back in Thailand almost, just hectic..

After all that fun for the day we headed home, stopping at Safeway at Commercial on the way home. It was a pretty epic day, this is us getting through our crazy itinerary that just keeps changing and changing! Everything is so weather dependent, and supposedly it’s going to rain tomorrow. Even though the other day it said it would be nice – so that’s what we made plans for! So I guess we just wake up tomorrow and find out….

I guess I’ll let you all know in tomorrows blog… Night!

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