Day 397

Woke up at 9am to check the weather, walked out at the same time Michelle had, she looked at me and said “it’s raining! :(” and I went “damn…. night” and went back to bed. LOL. Woke up again around 11.40 or so.

We chilled for awhile, the weather was too depressing and we were sad about our ruined plans 😦 So eventually we just decided “okay let’s go see Bridesmaids and Pirates of the Caribbean 4” so off we went to Metrotown!

The lines were HUGE! I’ve never seen Metrotown cinemas that busy. I guess I’ve never seen our lines either because I’m always upstairs, so yeah. But it was crazy. Pretty much all the POTC showings were sold out, so we went with Bridesmaids first. It wasn’t a bad movie, it kind of went a bit long, kind of like Family Guy jokes that just go beyond the funny… But it was good. I expected way more though from what I’d heard about it, but it was funny. A bit gross at one point, but funny.

After that we came out and the lines were STILL huge, and the Pirates movies were selling out again, they didn’t let me get a ticket for it earlier because I had a cast pass, so we don’t get preference or whatever. Pretty sucky, I wasn’t happy 😦

So we went and saw Something Borrowed. I’ve seen it yeah, but Michelle hasn’t. I was falling asleep through the first half of it, like I watched most of it but almost dozed off a few times. Not out of boredom, I was just tired LOL. I knew the second half was better anyways. Still was a good movie the second time around.

We also had Tim Hortons for the first movie, and Dairy Queen for the next 🙂

After that we went to the Superstore briefly, then headed home. Nothing much exciting really. I started packing again, and now it looks like the end of the world rapture has hit my bedroom. It’s a mess, I don’t even know where to start in packing it all up… I completely packed one bag, the one that Michelle is taking home lol. It’s pretty much full of all the teddies I accumulated here, so it’s light enough for her lol. Now to split the rest of my room into 3 bags…………. Not gonna happen!

Anywhoo, tired now.. Night!

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