Day 398

Ho hum! It was a slow morning, we slept in for awhile haha eventually got up and headed out Downtown!

We went to Science World, it was alright….. but pretty much just like all those other science places everywhere, and it was under renovation too so there was a lot missing. It was interesting, but not amazing or anything…

After Science World we headed to Granville where we walked around for awhile looking for jerseys! It’s concerning, because most places are like selling out fast for Canucks jerseys! And rightfully so, but still! Like c’mon! So we gotta keep looking..

Then we walked over to my work, I had to talk to the managers about some things regarding pay and changing my forwarding address to Australia etc. Said hi to people and that’s that!

Then we headed off down Burrard to go to the Aussie Bar & Grill! When we got there though, it was closed. Turns out it’s only open Mon-Fri. What a fail. So we were sad and walked back up Burrard 😦 We decided to get Subway, then go see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. So we did.

T’was good. I kind of dozed off at the start, oops! But I saw most of it lol just was in and out for probably half an hour…. My bad. Very packed cinema too, we didn’t see it in 3D cause that was sold out.. unlucky.

Anywhooo, tired now, got carnival in the morning nice and early. Michelle is also working for a few hours tomorrow! How exciting! Haha! Night!

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