Day 399

So I guess because today is day 399, I’ve been gone from Australia for 400 days……. Wow.

Anyways, had to get up at 6.30 this morning, it sucked. Neither Michelle or I were keen on waking up that early, and it was lame. But we did, and then we headed out to 22nd Street where we met Marcus & Eddie then off we went to the carnival!

Michelle got to start at 9am as well, so I was trying to teach her some things as I did them, but then at the same time she ended up getting to go into concession with Patti and make cotton candy! Eventually I ended up in there as well after I was done everything else and I helped bag the cotton candy.

When the event started, Michelle stayed in concession….. Pretty weird for a brand new person to be in there, like really weird. But that’s what they did… I was on slide! 🙂 Yay! I think Marcus talked to Doug & Jen about my dislike for ferris wheel & then it was brought up at our little ‘meeting’ thing that not many people like ferris wheel LOL. So Doug showed us all how to ‘properly’ operate it to avoid being hit so many times. All the guys were laughing at me when Doug mentioned how I took a big hit once last year lol totally forgot about that haha! They found it hilarious…!

So anywhoo, slide was cool. Got a bit annoying though, some seriously pushy parents. Trying to argue with them about the height of their kids and not being tall enough, then the board for the height was a couple of meters infront of the slide itself & we had a really long line, so I couldn’t exactly ask each parent “can you please go back and measure your child” while trying to keep the line in tact, AND monitor kids on the slide… it was difficult. So I made a suggestion to Jen & Doug to get a pole or something that the person at the bottom can have to measure kids right then and there, so Doug found an old broom or something and made one after I mentioned it LOL, so that was pretty sweet.

I ended up on the top of the slide though after my first break, so that was a good switch. I was sick of the crazy parents. Marcus got into a pretty full on argument with one lady, after the pole came in and her kid was way too small, Marcus said no & the lady was all “well he’s already ridden on it 4 times today!” Marcus was like ‘there’s not much I can do, seriously, it’s the rules…’ etc etc… Marcus was only covering breaks too so he was there for 20 minutes and got abused haha.

After the event we all packed up, also helped pack up a bit of the slide & then the swings ride. Michelle helped to do the swings as well haha. Then when everything was done we packed up & that’s that.

We were going to try to go to Metrotown to get jerseys, but when we got there it was all shut so we turned around and quickly raced back to 22nd for the bus. Unfortunately it left early, and we missed it…. Slack. So had to wait half an hour, lucky it wasn’t an hour..

Came home, ate, watched TV, and not much else really. We’re both super duper tired, like really tired. Only had about 4.5 hours sleep last night, if that? Not too sure. So I’m going to crash now and sleep for days… Night!

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