Day 400

Wow, 400 days in Canada! That’s pretty intense! Time has flown by! Can’t believe it’s almost over! Saddening..

Anyways, today was a very slow morning/start to the day, we sat around talking about what we were going to do because we slept in.. Ended up not going to Lynn Canyon because it was getting too late in the day to fit that in before the game. We went to Lougheed to look for jerseys, no luck, so we headed to Metrotown to look at all the stores there for the jerseys we were after! Still no luck. Everywhere was sold out of the good ones that we wanted, and in the right sizes, because it’s playoffs! Only ones left were like XXL… No way!

Got Nandos for lunch again, then by that time it was just past 5pm and we needed to get downtown for the hockey game!

When we’re almost heading up the Skytrain escalator, a man walked by and said “no need to rush, Skytrain ain’t going anywhere” figured it’d broken down or something, so we went up to see. The Skytrain had moved though so it seemed to be working again.

Whilst waiting for the next train, there was an announcement that Joyce station was closed. Figured okay, they do this often, like not stopping at a station, but just going through it.. but instead they were literally not sending trains through there due to a ‘medical emergency’. They were re-routing trains the other way, and at that time they’d closed off Joyce & Patterson I think. So we couldn’t get on the train from Metrotown to Downtown unless we went all the way around, so we jumped on the other train.

It was really confusing the way they were re-routing trains. Trains were running in both directions on the same track, I don’t understand how they were getting that to work without having some close calls or what, but it was trippy seeing trains going the wrong way.

Eventually they closed 29th & Nanaimo station as well as Joyce & Patterson. So 4 stations closed to a ‘medical emergency’ gets you wondering. So I did a Twitter search, everyone was saying it was a suicide jumper. But then others were saying someone fell. Either way, it was fatal. Pretty sad. Caused MAJOR havoc for transit and for everyone involved or trying to get anywhere. It was seriously crazy. Plus it was also game day, and a home game, so people were trying to get to the stadium but couldn’t! It was just crazy.

We eventually got all the way around to Commercial, and when we went to get on the train that would normally take us downtown, it ended up going back the other way towards Nanaimo. Turns out by that time they got a “shuttle” train to go between Commercial & Metrotown and back again, not stopping at Joyce whatsoever. But no one told us the train wasn’t going downtown and was instead going to Metrotown, so on we got, along with heaps of other people, and ended up going the wrong way.

By going this way, it meant we passed Joyce…. Basically, the Skytrain that hit the person was still there at the station, all doors open, there was police tape basically around the whole station platform, so many fire men, police, and other emergency service workers there as well.  They must have cleaned it up before they let that shuttle go past, but still… It was pretty daunting. We got off at Patterson because we didn’t want to go back to Metrotown, I thought there might have been two trains maybe doing the shuttle, but it was just the one and it ended up being the exact one that we’d just gotten off, fail.

So then we had to go back past Joyce, again. I heard someone on the train talking about it, saying it was apparently two teenage girls I think, mucking around with each other on the platform and one girl slipped or something and fell on to the track and by that time it was too late to get her back up cause the train was coming… Pretty sad. Read a lot of things on Twitter too, people saying they heard the thump, people screaming, etc. I’m actually really glad we weren’t on that train, if I hadn’t stopped at Metrotown to use the bathroom before we went Downtown we probably would have been on that train……. Pretty scary. Like there’s seats at the front to look out and everything, imagine sitting there and seeing that. Like woah. Or being the friend… Just crazy to think about. Sad though.

Anywhooo, that was the eventful transit story for the day, just major chaos. Eventually we got Downtown and walked to where they had a big screen thing set up and lots of fans were there watching the game.  Crazy masses of people, and it just got busier as the game went on. The game was against the Sharks, and someone had this set up there:

It was pretty cool haha.

This was the mass around the 2nd period… Then below was after the Canucks won after double over time!

And that’s just what was behind us!

This is Granville street shortly after the game, and it just got busier and busier!

And yeah, it was crazy! So much honking and cheering and screaming! Everyone high fiving! We felt left out of the high-fives though, they were only high-fiving people with jerseys 😦 NEXT TIME! The team spirit here is just madness, it’s so awesome! 🙂 Because of the Canucks win tonight, they’re off to the Stanley Cup Finals! So they just need to beat the next team and they win the Stanley Cup! Good on em!!

Skytrain home was pretty packed with Canucks fans, everyone still cheering. Had to run for the bus too, made it though. Came home tonight and Michelle rang a few people to decide whether or not she should stay an extra week, ended up all just working out so she rang and extended her trip! 😀 Now she leaves the same time I do! June 2nd at 1pm! Fun fun fun! We’re thinking about staying in the hostel downtown for the last few nights. This will be fun, 2 of us trying to get 5 bags to the airport! AHAHA. Awesome… LOL.

Anywhoo, I have lots of videos from tonight that I’ll upload tomorrow, too tired now. It’s almost 5am, holy crap. Lucky we have another week and don’t need to rush and do everything last minute tomorrow! We’re going to go attempt to find jerseys again tomorrow before they all sell out before the finals game! D: So yep, night!

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