Day 401


I woke up at 9am this morning, but I stayed in bed until closer to 10am. Then I got up and cleaned up my snowboard because someone was coming to get it just after 10!

The guy didn’t end up coming until closer to 11 though however, and I sold my board, bag & boots for $65. What a bargain for him. I’m kind of sad, but oh well!

After that Michelle was awake too and we ended up calling heaps of Sport Chek stores & Champs stores trying to find jerseys! Only two places had what we were after for Michelles friend, nothing for us though 😦 it sucked.

We also played Monopoly for awhile out of boredom before we headed out at 2.30. We headed out to Brentwood Town Centre where we went to the Champs store to buy the last small men’s jersey for Michelle’s friend from work who gave her money to get her one. We also tried it on, but it was pretty big for us so we do need a womens size. Which are all sold out 😦 NOT COOL!

Then we headed downtown, we went to the Aussie Bar & Grill early seeing as we had a 5.30 reservation to watch the State of Origin game they were replaying at 6pm. It was about 4.30 at this point, super wet outside, so we just decided to go in early.

We ate early too, then watched the game there at 6. By the time the game started there was HEAPS of Aussies in there packing the place up to watch the game. Lot’s of jerseys and everything too. I don’t even like the sport, but I watched it anyways. The people in that place watching it had no where near as much team spirit and enthusiasm as Canucks fans though! Canucks all the way! Hockey is way more exciting than rugby too… I’m a terrible Australian, I know!

Anywhoo, after the game ended we left and headed home. Watched some TV before and yeah. I only had 4 hours sleep last night, so I’m really really tired – so I’m off to bed. Night!

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