Day 402

Tried to sleep in again today, but got a call around 10.30 from the lady wanting our bed side tables, so I got up haha.

We did a major haul of the kitchen today too, went through all our cutlery, plates, utensils etc and boxed it all! A lady came and got the 3 boxes of kitchen stuff, some appliances, and our thin mattress. Sweet. I thought she was the bedside table lady though, so I was like showing her the bedside tables, but she was like no I was actually after kitchen stuff, I was like OH! Haha, awkward. But anywhoo, she cleared out a lot of stuff.

Our chairs went yesterday too, don’t remember if I mentioned that or not.. Anyways.. Also put the coffee table out front for another guy who finally collected it. The lady finally came for the bedside tables, she had a good chat with us too lol it was a bit random, she was like “we’ll come visit you in Australia!” she reminded me of someone.. couldn’t work it out though… LOL. Her son was very awkward. She was like “if you guys ever come back you’ll have some more Canadian friends! Right Andrew?” and he was just like ……. >_> sure…. šŸ˜ LOL. It was awkward.

So that was the 3 bedside tables gone. A man also came and took the ironing board tonight as well, he mentioned how I was one letter off the outlaw name, I was like yeah I was pretty much named after him. “parents with a sense of humor, nice!” so there you go mother. LOL. Anyways, that was a lot of stuff cleared out. I spent the rest of the night packing my room, got much further this time. Getting there lol.

We also ordered pizza for dinner haha, except we weren’t ready for them when the guy came so we were running around grabbing money lol. While trying to sort out the money I was trying to work out the tip as well, but before we could give him the tip he just like hurried off. šŸ˜ So he only got like a 70c tip from what he took LOL. Felt bad, but he walked off, like almost ran, so not our fault then LOL.

Anywhoo, not much else really. Just had a big haul out day. Carnival tomorrow, so I’m gonna go sleep I think. Night!

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