Day 403

Hi hi!

Woke up at 10am today, because we had arranged to meet Marcus at King George to go to the carnival at 12. However when I got up and checked my emails, there was one from Jen saying due to the crazy rain the games have been cancelled, so some people got cut but others didn’t need to come until 3.30 not 1pm. So I was fine with that, just chilled around for a bit.

Marcus still had to go at 1 to set up rides, and he was texting me when he was there saying one of the rides kind of broke. The trailer broke, not the actual ride. But still. So then we were way over staffed and what not. By this time it was also really sunny, however there was some pretty super dark clouds hanging around and it was expected to rain again in the afternoon, so it ended up being cancelled. The whole thing. Which was unlucky. We were on our way out to head there around 1.30, so that sucked 😦

Luckily though we were meeting a chick at Lougheed to take our blender lol. So that was done still haha. We decided we’d go to the aquarium, like why not, it was pretty sunny. When we got downtown though, it was pouring rain there.. So we were sad, turned around, and headed home.

We went to New West, we were planning on going to the 50’s diner. But that ended up being closed. Just a sucky day, right?! So we went to Subway instead! Mmm, Subway… After that we walked to the Thrift store… ALSO was closed! Like it had just closed. Just wasn’t any luck for us lol.

We went to the dollar store, and the sports store. The sports store had womens Canucks jerseys, but they were the white ones. And I want the blue 😦 So still haven’t got a jersey, and they wont have any more until next season! SUCKS! Jon from the carnival also rang around this time and invited us out tonight so we said sure why not, seeing as the carnival was cancelled!

We got home around 6, then got ready and headed out at about 8 to meet up with Jon. We met him and his two female friends at Commercial, and then jumped on a bus and went to Jons place. It was just off East Hastings…. baaad area. I think he said it’s like the worst 16 blocks in all of North America? LOL. It’s pretty bad. I have heard lots about East Hastings… and tonight I finally saw it in full swing haha. Saw some prostitution going on out front of the 7-11, crazy stuff. LOL. When we were on the bus going Downtown, going through East Hastings reminded me so much of San Francisco to be honest, felt like I was back there lol.

We got to Downtown and ended up going to some place on Davie street….. If you’re not from here, you wouldn’t understand ‘Davie street’ but basically it’s like the gay street…. Like, no joke. Haha! You just have to see it I guess. Jon is gay by the way… which is why we ended up at some gay club. Jons boyfriend/friend thing also started working at Tisol last month! Pretty cool haha, so I met him again tonight after our brief encounter at the carnival on Monday, and talked to him about Tisol haha. Jon also lives with Mark – one of the guys I worked with at the cinema! Such a small world!

One of Jons friends that was there, I think her name was Maddie? Or it was the other one… not sure, anyway! She had her pet love bird in her pocket! Like the whole night! It was such a good bird, like it listened to her and everything, every time she told it to poop, it would! And she carries a box of food around for him, and he just hangs out in her pocket lol it was awesome. Makes me want a love bird! Her bird was nothing like Kevin from Tisol! Kevin was a little bitch! Just saying… Haha. Pretty cool though.

Anywhoo… I got bored real quick of being out, and felt very out of place as well at the gay club lol. I swear almost everyone there was male, and all gay. Only saw a few girls except for us 4 girls lol. But yeah, I got bored pretty quick….. Would have rathered seen a movie! LOL.

We didn’t leave early enough to get the last bus home, so we got a cab from Braid. Only costed like $10. Not too bad. I’m pretty tired now though, if the weathers nice tomorrow I think we’re going to go to Playland! But if it’s super crappy, then we’re going to have a major clean up session! Moving out sucks! LOL. Night!

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