Day 404


Slept in a bit today which was good. Got up and started cleaning. A guy came to pick up the wicker chairs I left outside for him and he sent me this email “Found your place without any problems. I almost hit the gas when I saw them, but after a quick glance I could see the potential. Pic attached of the first one with sanding and one coat of laquer. Thanks Jess. Fun project and they have a liittle character. The black stools in the background are another set I got off CL Free section. I liked them when I saw them, but a backrest is essential for someone my age. lol. Will have to pass them along. Have a great weekend. Thanks again.” And this is the picture of what he sent..

The stool on the right is how they both looked before he fixed up the one on the left lol. Pretty good job! I thought it was hilarious how he “almost hit the gas” HAHA. Made my day!

Another guy came to collect our table, Sarah helped him carry it to his car. He wasn’t here very long at all.. But when he got home he sent me this email:

“Thanks again for the table!

PS You girls were really cute : ) Love your sexy accents!

Apparently it was just ‘attract-the-weird-craigslist-people-day’ and I wasn’t informed! HAHA. Hilarious stuff, totally lol-worthy. Johnny also now wants to “hang out” before we all head home. LOLOL. Funny as. Oh Vancouver..

Anywhoo, Sarah’s dad got her this afternoon, he rented a car as well. So we ended up being able to take like HEAPS of stuff to Value Village to drop off for the donation thing. Like there was heaps haha. So now our house is fairly empty. Still have to sort out Hercules, my printer, Xbox, and the other table that’s out there, and finish cleaning and it’s all good! YAY. Such effort though, seriously!

We also all went to Waffle House for dinner, that was good. French toast… MMM yummy!

Tonight we just chilled really, didn’t really get much cleaning done lol. Michelle and I saw a lady squatting at the bus stop the other week and she brought it up tonight so we were trying to squat like she was, but couldn’t.. So we called Sarah in to see if she could do it, and she could. She thought it was weird that we couldn’t squat that way! Like I can do it, just not with my feet flat. LOL. We all ended up falling over in hysterics trying to do it, Sarah said it was the weirdest thing she’s ever done, showing us how to squat. LOL. Funny funny.

Anywhooo, I’m tired as now. Carnival tomorrow 😦 last one ever! Then it’s major clean up time tomorrow night perhaps so we can go out on Monday to Lynn Canyon & maybe Aquarium! Tuesday at the moment is looking like we may be working on a music video shoot, maybe, we’ll see! Anywhoo! Night!

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