Day 406


Today was SUPPOSED to be sunny, but it wasn’t. Lame!

Michelle & I went out to IHOP for breakfast/lunch thing with Marcus cause he works just down the road.  It was a pretty quick meal thing and the we were off again. We were going to go to Lynn Canyon but the stupid Vancouver weather failed us and looked miserable so we headed off to the aquarium instead!

The aquarium was fun. It was just as awesome the second time around. This time they had added some sloths to the rainforest exhibit, but we went through twice and spent ages looking for them but couldn’t see them whatsoever! We were pretty disappointed! Sarah and her dad went yesterday and saw the sloths! 😦 We were very unhappy! LOL.

We watched the beluga show, and the dolphin show! Explored all the exhibits and yeah, that’s it really. Bought a badge at the gift shop too this time haha.

Afterwards we were going to go to Cactus Club Cafe because we were told they have potato scollops there! But when we walked by, it was the one on Burrard street so it seemed very posh like, cause it’s right in the business district… so we just kept walking on by.. LOL. Instead we just came home in order to eat all the food that needed to be eaten!

When we got home Sarah & her dad were cleaning the kitchen, so we joined in by cleaning the living room and bathroom. At the same time I was sorting Hercules out because he was also getting picked up tonight! 😦

When the girl, Sophie, came to get Hercules I was surprised at how much stuff I had accumulated for him! There was heaps! And they also took the table he went on so it was good 🙂 I’m glad Hercules will still feel like he’s kind of still at home, at least he’ll have all of his stuff and none of that will be different.

She seemed nice enough, like she’s going to take very good care of him so I’m glad 🙂 Except she’s never had a hedgie before so she was asking if it’s okay to ask me questions and stuff if she ever has any concerns. Obviously I was like by all means! I’d love to get updates on him too! She’s going to take him to the vet to be checked up next time she takes her rabbits in.  🙂 I’m sure he’ll have fun, she’ll spend a lot of time with him too I’m guessing. So that’s Hercules rehomed 🙂 Yay!

Shortly after Hercules was picked up, the lady came for my bed. So off that went too. Some more crap was put into Sarah’s dad’s rental car for a trip to Value Village and then pretty much everything seemed to be pretty cleared out. I just need to get rid of my printer & xbox & then it’s all done really! Finally! Wow.

We were cleaning for hours tonight. Most of it’s done. I still have more to do in my room, but that’s expected after being here over a year! Of course I’m going to have accumulated a whole heap of crap! Michelle was helping me too for a bit, it was like the show hoarders. Everything she asked me if she could toss I apparently gave a “face”, like I wanted to keep it, but knew it had to go. LOL. So she would just toss it. HAHA. Had an argument over my old Converses though! LOL. I know they have to go…. but I just don’t want to! LAME!

Anyways! I’m sleeping on the other mattress on my floor right now, and I can already feel the dust kicking my allergies into over drive. Damn. I wasn’t allowed to vaccum before because it was too late……. Ugh. I’ll wake up sick tomorrow I’m sure. And then I’ll probably have my allergies go off in the hostel too just like last year… AND THEN I’m sure I’ll probably get sick when I get to Texas from going from the cold weather to the super hot weather! D: Not looking forward to the weather currently down there…. Yuck! D: Haha! Aiight… Night!

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