Day 407

blogging from my iPod once again because unfortunately it’s awkward in the hostel room & super quiet right now….

anywhoo… the day started by waking up in the middle of my room on the mattress on the floor. I got up & started packing some more, and finishing cleaning up what needed to be done. I was up at around 8, Richard came to check everything at 11 lol.

everything was good, pretty much everything in the house was sorted & cleaned too. I’ve now only got my printer & the wireless Internet modem to worry about, Nerissa is buying my xbox πŸ˜€

after Sarah & her dad left around 1, we decided making several hauls downtown was too much effort & called a cab. he came with a van & didn’t know where to go. he went in a huge loop costing $10 to find something I could have told him how to get to in less than a minute.. ugh.

he dropped us two blocks away, and we couldn’t lug it all in one go. so Michelle went to check in & then come back for me lol. we dropped our stuff off & left again to go find me a cheap ass big suitcase.

had no luck finding anything though at the thrift store or value village 😦 so that was a fail.

we got back on the bus and headed back to our house. we ended up just chilling there for awhile before actually making a move lol. this time we were lugging all our food stuff downtown!

we had a huge bag of food & 2 boxes as well. one bag & a box stayed at the hostel for us to eat, while the other box we took to the theatre to donate!

when we got there Mark & Maryanne were on their breaks so they sat to chat with us.. well me, Michelle was kinda falling asleep almost haha. they ended up looking through the box of food and took stuff they wanted lol.

then I took the rest of the box to the office where Lindsay & Tiff picked through it to find the unopened stuff for the charity. I said the rest was going to be thrown out, so if they wanted it themselves then by all means. so they went through the open stuff and took most of it LOL.

tossed the remainders of the box, nothing really exciting. headed back to the hostel & had some dinner before returning back to the cinema for the last showing of Thor for the night. so now I’ve finally seen Thor! lol. wasn’t too bad actually, I need a huge Marvel/Avengers run down though! and need to re-watch the other movies I think…

anywhoo. when we got back to our room at about 12.20 it was awkward cause our roommates whom we haven’t met yet are here sleeping lol. one said hi when we walked in, and it was pitch black so she said turn the lights on for 5 mins if we want to grab our stuff.

I couldn’t find my stuff in 5 mins it’s all over the place. so now I’m missing my pj pants and my retainer 😦 also didn’t get to wash my hair tonight, so tomorrow’s going to be a sucky day! I can feel my allergies too here, it’s the dust and the blankets/pillows. not much I can do right now though, can’t find my medicines either! lame. anyways, going to just sleep and ignore it all.. last day in Canada tomorrow 😦 night!

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