Day 408

What a day! Did heaps today, just getting to bed now!

Began by getting up around 9am. We went downstairs and had breakfast then headed out to Metrotown.

We went to the Disney store to get something, then we headed over to the Thrift store in New West to get me a suitcase! The big bag/trunk thing I was going to get didn’t open on one side soo that idea failed, instead went for the largest bag there, which is still small compared to my other ones!

Then we went back to the mall there & went to the dollar store to get some things, went to Purdys to get some chocolates, then went to BMO to close my bank account!

After all that we sat and had lunch in the food court!

Next up we jumped on the 101 for the last time back to our place, we finished cleaning the fridge & sorting stuff out there. Then I went upstairs to give them a card & chocolates. Jacquie wasn’t home so I didn’t get to say goodbye to her. But I got to say bye to Lexi which was good. Her baby bump is coming along nicely lol.

Richard was going downtown to watch the game so he dropped us off in Gastown, which I’ve apparently never been to before because it was really unique! can’t believe I’ve never been there! So different! but thankfully now I have! said goodbyes to Richard there too before parting ways.

Michelle & I walked around Gastown for a bit, went to two stores & saw the steam clock go off. Bought a couple of things, a Canucks shirt, but still no jersey đŸ˜¦

Then we realized the time was almost 5pm & we were rushing to walk to Waterfront station cause we had to go back to the hostel at Granville to drop off our stuff & my suitcase, then we had to rush to the Skytrain to get a stop over to go to Tinseltown to meet people to see a movie!

it’s game day too so downtown was hectic! we had to detour around the crowds to get to the Skytrain, and eventually made it to Tinseltown. we walked in just as the main part of the movie was starting, after the beginning credits! phewf!

after the movie it was me, Michelle, Trini, Vrindy, Maryse, and Keith! lol we walked around for a bit, then Keith bought me a Blackberry case for my phone cause he’s a cool kid and he dropped his a few weeks ago & had to pay $200 to fix the housing so he insisted I needed one too lol. it’s pretty awesome though too haha.

after that Keith had left, then we walked outside & heard cheering, Canucks had won 1-0 in the last 19 seconds! good on em! those guys are champs! everything just got crazier after that! Skytrain was packed! Vrindy left us there & she headed home too. Trini, Maryse, Michelle & I decided to go down to Granville & check it out.

so many high fives while walking along! it was awesome lol. we ate at burger king then walked back to our hostel to chill for a bit.

around 10.30 we quickly headed over to scotiabank so I could get my final pay check & say last goodbyes.

Said goodbye to everyone, Tiff & I decided we should be old fashioned pen pals! not that I have any clue what to write!! lol!

Then we walked down to Tim Hortons & by now was about 12pm.. ate some timbits & chilled & talked for awhile. it was good!

then we walked them to the Skytrain for my last time & got off at Granville & headed back to our hostel! showered
& packed, it sucked! all my bags still feel way heavy!

so that was the day really. lots of goodbyes but it still doesn’t feel real! eh. anyways, falling asleep here typing. & listening to the noises outside! with that I bit you farewell! night!

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