Day 409

Well, I officially left Vancouver, Canada today. Kind of sad I guess, although it still doesn’t feel real so I’m not feeling it just yet..

Either way, it was a great year, definitely worth it! The experience was great, and I had a lot of fun. I met a lot of people and had some awesome ass jobs. Good fun had all around 🙂 Going to miss it definitely, I’m sure I’ll be back though! Michelle definitely wants to go back soon too!

Anywhoo, our day began pretty early. We got up and ate breakfast, then got all our bags and hauled them down the elevator. I did the hauling, Michelle waited at the bottom & checked us out. It took 3 trips, and one of those trips Michelle took stuff too. LOL. Effort. We got a cab and then off we went to the airport!

Nerissa met us at the airport, and she bought my Xbox from me 🙂 Then I had a quick chat to her & said goodbye and yep! Then we went and checked in, dealt with all our damn baggage issues and had to pay lots of excess. 😦 LOL. So much for “first two bags free!” for my flight. LOSERS D: had to pay for all three bags, not happy Jan.

Then we got to the security check part, went through that. Michelle was “randomly selected for bomb testing” so we had to wait a few minutes for that HAHA. Then we had to go through the customs thing and I missed something on my form so I had to go back and do it, then they told me I needed the blue form too, so I had to go back and do that as well. While I was doing that Richard called, I answered it, but then got yelled at by the security people there for being on the phone so I had to quickly get off LOL. Oops!

FINALLY got through the customs thing, met Michelle on the other side, then we walked to our gate. By the time we got to my gate it was already boarding. Lucky we got there as early as we did! Michelles flight wasn’t until 45 mins after mine so she got to wait around for a bit.

Plane ride was pretty bumpy. Had a space in between me on the window and the man on the isle. I think that guy must fly often for business or something lol. He had a “Sky rewards” card or something stuck to his laptop bag, a “silver” one haha. He offered me M&Ms too when we were landing. He even pulled my bags down for me afterwards ahaha.

Got off at DFW and headed out the front doors to meet Monte. Chucked my carry on bags in the car then went back inside for my other bags! Brought them out, loaded the car, and off we went!

We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I had French toast. It was like a heart attack meal, I almost couldn’t finish it lol. 4 slices of it. Pretty good though for only $5.99. It costs more than that for just ONE slice of French toast at Waffle House in New West!!

Then we came home, watched the Dallas vs Miami NBL game. Dallas won. Now I’m watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine, cause it’s on TV. Might head to bed soon though, kind of tired, but also kind of not because it’s still so early in Vancouver time!

Anywhooo! Night!

Oh, btw… I just noticed my main category for my blog that I ALWAYS use is “Canada” I guess I need to change that now and make one “AMERICA” ? Haha!

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