Day 411

Hi hi!

Slept in a little bit today I think. Then I got up and watched Valentines Day. After that Monte was heading out to the data center just outside of Dallas, so I went along with him and helped “rack servers” haha. Basically just helped hang them up and pass cords lol. It was interesting there though, lots of towers and stuff haha.

After the data center Monte drove us home the long way around so that I could see downtown Dallas from the outskirts anyways. We also drove past Six Flags, the Rangers baseball park, the new Cowboys stadium, the American Airlines basketball arena, and I think that was it as far as major landmarks, not sure.. haha.

We came home afterwards, then not too long later we headed out to Dave & Busters for dinner! The games there were pretty sweet, and the tickets they gave were way better than Chuck E Cheese, like much more tickets! And each ticket was worth 2 lol. It was good. I think I had like 1,023 at the end of it. Fun fun 🙂 I hit a few jackpots too, only like 100 point ones. With all my tickets I bought two Dave & Busters glasses things so I have a small “set” they’re pretty cool.

Anywhooo, came home and watched the end of the Canucks game, but I think they went into over time, so I fell asleep before it started over time, but they scored in the first like 11 seconds of over time anyways apparently. Monte & Justin woke me saying they won haha. Yay Canucks! I still need to get a jersey if I can find one somewhere in the USA.

Also watched Knight & Day, and now I’m watching Vampires Suck lol. Movie list will grow like mad in the next few months I think, all this free time. LOL. Kay, I’m off. Night!

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