Day 412

Woke up & watched The Invention Of Lying, then we all headed out to Forth Worth! We went to the historic stockyards to hang out with all the cowboys.

We walked around and checked out all the stuff. We went to Billy Bob’s – the worlds largest ‘honky tonk’. Largest bar thing ever. It had a rodeo thing in there, and an arcade lol lots of stuff. Pretty interesting. We walked around the main area thing too, had a look at the souvenir stores and stuff.

We had lunch at the steakhouse there. Smelt insanely like meat haha. Obviously I had mozzarella sticks, and a tiny thing of mac & cheese. I like that everywhere has mozzarella sticks, they’re super duper yummy, and gives me something to eat when we’re at steakhouses haha!

We were waiting to see the train go by, but it didn’t come at the time it said, didn’t see it at all! We also didn’t get to see the stampede or whatever it was, missed it. Unlucky.

Thennn we came home, and everyone had a nap. Except me. I watched TV. I think I watched a movie but I really have NO idea. Like for the life of me I’m already forgetting everything I’ve watched. Oh man, what did I watch! …This is going to annoy me for ages… Umm….. Umm…. Ugh, anyways.. I played guitar hero for awhile too. I suck now! Need more practice again haha, I was sad. And my hand was hurting really badly too, so I stopped. Currently watching Get Him To The Greek. Jazz is here now too, we’re all going to Six Flags tomorrow! Yew!

Aiight, night!

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