Day 413


Woke up this morning, got ready, and headed off to Six Flags!

It was fun, we did a lot of rides. It wasn’t that busy surprisingly, probably because of the damn heat! I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life, like it was just so grossly hot haha. I don’t think having my backpack on helped either, cause that was my only sweat patch there lol. Drank so much ice cold water, and didn’t end up going to the bathroom once! Just sweated it all out haha so gross.

But the rides were good! I enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure I’m burnt now though lol. Good times haha. When we were getting lunch, we were standing at the back of the line up looking at the menu board, and a man walked over to us with almost a whole pizza and was all “you guys fixing to order? my kids couldn’t finish our pizza and i didn’t wanna waste it.” LOL. So they scored almost a full $30 pepperoni pizza! Unlucky for me though, I still had to go buy my own slice haha. There was a little bit of cheese bread left with the guys pizza too, so I ate that as well lol. Jazz also got cheese fries too, so it was a feast. We were very stuffed afterwards, had to wait a bit, and walk around for awhile before we attempted some more rides haha! Fun fun.

Afterwards we just came home, ate dinner, and that was that! Watched Dear John, tried to watch Bounty Hunter but it wasn’t working 😦 now trying to pick another movie haha. Either way, off to lay down now. Night!

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