Day 414

Went to IHOP for breakfast this morning, yummy!

Came home and watched Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant … strange movie haha. Then we watched Orphan, also a totally strange & messed up movie. LOL. Can you tell Jazz picked the movies? HAHA. After watching Orphan we went out to AT&T and got me a sim card so now I have a USA number! Except it costs me $2 a day, only if I use it. So if I don’t use it one day, I save $2! Haha.

Anywhoo, my phone is playing up at the moment though. Getting errors. I’m not sure why. Might just reinstall the OS on it and hope that works? Dunno…

Went grocery store shopping after AT&T. Then home. Monte took Jazz home then & I ended up watching Spice World! The Spice Girls movie! LOL. Haven’t seen it in forever! I was talking to someone about it a couple of weeks ago! So I was surprised to see it on the TV! LOL

I also watched Fantastic Mr. Fox. Been wanting to see that for awhile, it was a bit weird, had no clue what it was about for awhile haha.. Quite random!

Watched the Mavs game just then, so slow! But they won, so well done. I don’t think I mentioned last night, the Canucks lost 8-1. That’s just embarrasing! HAHA. But it means game 5 is a home game in Vancouver! So if they win the next two then YAY!

Kay, off to watch another movie.. or sleep.. dunno. Night!

    • g ma
    • June 8th, 2011

    Hi Jess,

    before I forget –

    Ohey world is the best website name I have ever seen for a blogsite!

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