Day 415

Had Krispy Kreme’s for breakfast this morning, LOL. Classy! 🙂

Then Monte & I headed off to Arkansas! We stopped at Dairy Queen along the way and got some food.

The drive actually didn’t feel THAT long, like it was long, but I was expecting it to feel longer haha.

When we got here we were outside Crysti’s place talking for a bit, getting attacked by mosquito’s and what not! Got the run down on all the snakes, spiders, chiggers, ticks, etc… Sounds wonderfully awesome! Haha!

Pepper had a tick in her eye too, so that was gross. I think that’s the first tick I’ve ever seen haha. Would like it to be the last! Just sayin..

Had dinner down at Crysti’s. T’was some good mac & cheese! Afterwards we ended up watching Zombieland lol. Funny movie. Then eventually we came back up to the house and that’s that!

The house is pretty nice now with floors, makes a hell of a difference! I’m pretty tired now too, but I think I might watch an episode of something, then head off to sleep.. Yep! Trying to sort out flight stuff for the day I leave too, like for getting back to Dallas to fly out… Effort. Anywhoo! Night!

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